Polina L. Piercing Testimonial

I had an exceptional time getting my piercing services at Studio City Tattoo. From the moment I met Marv, I knew I was in good hands. He made the entire process a breeze. I sat through 4 piercings in one sitting which was only made doable by Marvs super clean, fast, and painless methods.

Hands down, King of Piercings.
Cant wait for more.

Polina. 4/24/2022

Odalis from Glendale Testimonial

steve white nose piercing

I went in for a nose piercing and had it done by Steve! He is SO amazing!! I was a bit nervous but, he’s a super chill guy and he walked me through the process and helped me pick out the jewelry, and explained to me how to clean my piercing as well. I DID NOT even feel anything when he pierced my nose! If your looking to get a nose piercing I would HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY reccommend to go here!! It was a great experience and he knows where to place your piercing! Thank you Studio City For a great experience!

Odalis, Glendale, Los Angeles

Jessica from Burbank Testimonial

Great Shop. I came for a single daith piercing and Helena was very cool and professional to deal with. Everyone else in the shop was friendly and the overall vibe was that of a chill yet professional environment. I love the interior decor and plan on going back to get the other side done.

Jessica, Los Angeles

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Review from B.N. Los Angeles

STEVE!!!!!!! He’s amazing!!!! I wanted to pierce my nose for years, but never had the guts. Then when I decided I was going to go through with it, I had to find the place. I asked around for about six months, and one day someone told me about this guy named Steve at Studio City Tattoo. Sooooo, I called for information and they were pleasant, helpful and told me they accept walk ins as well as Steve’s schedule.

When I arrive, I was super nervous, but everyone was sooooooo nice and made me feel at ease. I asked for Steve and explained I wanted the smallest flattest diamond for my nose. He showed me the best option and explained the procedure. He even was really helpful on picking the exact placement.

So now, we’re ready to pierce and I have to be honest, I almost chickened out, but Steve was so confident and comforting, that while I was bracing myself….. it was done!!!!! And… I LOVE IT!!! Everyone loves it. All my friends say it looks perfect and like I should have had it forever. Thanks again Steve *insert heart emoji*

Regan F., Manhattan, NYC Testimonial

My daughter and I wanted to do a mother-daughter bonding experience. We decided to pierce our ears on the helix. (The top part of the ear). We called ahead and made sure we had the right documentation for my daughter. We showed up and with very little waiting were taken care of by Steve. It was quick, fairly painless and I forgot to add the selection of jewelry is huge!! It was hard to pick because everything was high quality, and unique. Everyone smiled at us. Everyone, even other clients were warm and friendly.

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